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The Healing Consciousness of Plants
Have you ever wondered where knowledge of nature’s medicine comes from?

Ayurveda, or Traditional Indian Medicine, identifies you - the wellness seeker - as the primary healer. All the healing mechanisms are within your mind and body, witnessed by the inner self. From a holistic perspective, all of the nourishment we receive from nature in the form of air, food, water and natural medicinal ingredients support and empower that healer.

From a conventional approach to medicine, the material perspective dominates in which the body and natural healing ingredients are perceived as chemical cocktails. We’re at a crossroads in today’s world of medicine in which we can choose to continue this trend, or remember the deeper aspects medicinal consciousness.

In this webinar, we’ll address:
+ Why many of the lab created synthetic molecules which are identical to the known plant actives are not working as the original plant extracts
+ The subtle energetics of plant consciousness
+ What Traditional Ayurveda teaches us about subtle energetics for complete healing at all levels
+ Specific guidance for plant harvesting and preparation to unlock the plant’s medicinal properties
+ Best practices for working with nature, which is the true essence of Ayurveda

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