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Debunking Ayurveda Myths: Sex
You’re invited to join our Vaidyas & Master Teachers of Ayurveda for a live, exclusive discussion on some of the hot topics in Ayurveda today!

In this session, we will discuss perhaps the most misunderstood and controversial health topic: sex. We have more questions than ever to answer in this panel, all with direct quotes from the ancient Vedic texts, as we hope to address the vast number of concerns surrounding sexual wellness.

Here's what we'll cover:

Is abstaining from sex an inevitable aspect of Brahmacharya?
Does Ayurveda (and Yoga) suggest abstinence for health and longevity?
How often should one have sex?
Is there any relation between Prakrti and sexual desire?
Is sex during menstruation ok?
Is there any reference to homosexuality in Ayurvedic Texts?
Does sexual indulgence cause depletion in men and women?
What is the Ayurvedic perspective on masturbation?
If sex is one of the natural urges, does controlling sexual urges cause an imbalance?
What is the best time for sex?

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